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King crabs are flooding in many places, and fishermen are complaining. In Norway, Alaska, Russia and other places, there has been a flood of king crabs for many years. For example, in 2016, because the number of king crabs in Norway is too large, Norway allows the fishing of king crabs throughout the year, and encourages everyone to eat more king crabs to reduce the number of king crabs as much as possible. However, up to now, the number of king crabs in Norway is still growing steadily. According to data, there are about 20 million king crabs in Norwegian waters. It is conceivable that even if the whole people eat king crabs, they want to control them in the short term. The number of king crabs is also impossible. In our neighboring country Russia, there has been a flood of king crabs for many years, and even in some places, because there are too many king crabs, it is impossible to eliminate them artificially. Some people use king crabs to feed the dogs. Needless to say, it's really "a waste of money". Some people may be curious, for a country rich in king crabs, the more king crabs there are, they don't have to worry that one day the king crabs will become extinct, thus cutting off their fortunes, but why are they worried that there are too many king crabs? Is this the modern version of "Alternative Versailles"?.So,how to best prepare battletech king crab?

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The answer is of course not, because if there are too many king crabs in the sea, then, for the local fishermen, it is the real "broken road of money". Because in the ocean, king crabs have no natural enemies, so once they are too numerous, they will threaten the survival of other marine organisms, thereby affecting the biodiversity of the sea area. Naturally, in addition to catching king crabs and selling them for money, fishermen , and other marine creatures need to be caught, and once the marine ecological environment is destroyed by king crabs, it will naturally be difficult to catch other fish, so fishermen will be very afraid of the flood of king crabs in the sea area where king crabs are flooded. So, since there are so many king crabs, why are they so expensive? Is it a "IQ tax"? Speaking of which, although king crabs have "crabs" in their names, they are actually not crabs in the true sense. From the perspective of species classification, king crabs belong to the family Stone Crabs. The species under this category are characterized by Very large, for example, the king crab is called "the king of crabs". The king crab is a species with super reproductive ability. Each female crab can give birth to tens of thousands of small king crabs every year. Naturally, this has also led to the continuous increase in the population of king crabs. After all, no matter how people eat, It is also impossible to hold the king crab so alive..So,what market sell king crab auburn hills in md?

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So, since king crabs are not a rare species at all, why are they so expensive? Speaking of which, this is mainly related to the fact that the work of catching king crabs is too difficult and the risk factor is too high. Because king crabs are deep-sea crabs, in order to catch them, it is necessary to put crab pots in the deep sea, and then wait until the king crabs enter it, and then catch the king crabs..So,where are king crab buffalo ny from?

It can be said that doing so is rather cumbersome, and because the king crab itself likes cold waters, fishermen are also prone to extreme cold attacks in the process of catching king crabs, resulting in low temperature death. Naturally, Compared with fishing for other fish, fishing for king crabs is "fishing with your life". In addition, we all know that seafood is "fresh", especially king crabs. Since the distribution of king crabs is not so widespread, they are all in the cold waters of the world. Therefore, the king crabs that are caught, If they are shipped to the world for sale while they are still alive, it is also a technical task. Therefore, the cost here is also very high. In general, the price of king crabs is naturally very high..

In particular, there are no king crabs in the sea area of ​​​​my country. The king crabs sold in China are also imported. It is normal that the price does not come down. It does not mean that king crabs are flooded and sold so expensively. However, nowadays, because there are millions of king crabs in the Antarctic waters, and the number is constantly increasing, this has seriously threatened the ecological stability of the Antarctic waters. Therefore, many researchers believe that it may be necessary to find ways to control The number of king crabs has gone up, otherwise, it is very likely to trigger a bigger disaster because of it..

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