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1. The fishing conditions are very bad.So,how to freeze alaskan biggest king crab?

snow crab and king crab

Generally speaking, the environment where king crabs grow are very cold sea areas, the climate environment in these areas is very harsh, and the areas where they live are deep sea areas, which increases the difficulty of catching. And there is only a chance to catch it from October to November every year..So,how much are snow crab and king crab at kroger?

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In addition, for the fishing of king crabs, it is not something that can be caught if you want to fish. You must have a relevant fishing license before you can fish. In addition, fishing in deep-sea areas is full of various dangers. On the icy sea, the waves are like beasts, and the fishing boat will be overturned at any time. In this dangerous situation, if the boat is overturned, it will not only be a year All in vain, and will lose their lives. Therefore, the work of fishing king crabs is very dangerous, even at the cost of life. Kai Diwei, who has been fishing for king crabs for a long time, said: "The period of fishing king crabs is very short, generally only about 3 weeks. In this autumn and winter fishing, the sea temperature is very low, and more than ten meters are often seen. High waves, the sea wind speed will reach 130 kilometers per hour, because king crabs live in the deep sea, so the requirements for fishing technology and equipment are also very high. Crab pots, using this kind of crab pot is a technical job, not only depends on experience, but also requires luck more often." "The wages for fishing king crabs are very high, because the risk factor is also very large, generally We will all be on our guard when we go out to sea to fish for king crabs. We may encounter huge waves and be submerged in the sea by the overturned fishing boat. We are really risking our lives to work.” Fisherman Steven said..So,where to buy restaurants with king crab legs near me in phoenix?

2. High transportation costs.

After the king crab is caught and landed, it will be shipped all over the world. As far as it is concerned, this is a very fragile species. Due to the unsuitable external temperature, the king crab will die during transportation. For this reason, in order to ensure the freshness of king crabs, many companies will use the method of freezing king crabs by air. Therefore, the transportation cost of king crabs becomes very expensive. In general, the danger of fishing, labor costs and transportation costs Look, its price will be much higher than other seafood ingredients. It can be seen that the king crab will not become cheap because it affects the ecological environment. As the so-called king of crabs, high-end ingredients, such fishing is difficult, transportation costs are high, and the price is expensive can be understood by the world. In any case, it is not a wise move to control the number of king crabs by fishing alone. It is believed that in the near future, the king crabs will be effectively controlled and the ecological environment will be balanced..

Foodies save the world, this is not a joke. With this delicious mouth, human beings can really resolve the original ecological crisis and turn the tide!.

King crab is a high-end ingredient that everyone likes very much, and it is expensive. Everyone knows that Norway is rich in king crabs, but they don't know that king crabs are not originally a Norwegian species, they have invaded in the past. Norway also thought of a lot of ways to deal with this foreigner, and finally used the road of food to defeat the biological invasion..

To know the history of king crab as food, we need to know: What animal is a king crab? Where was its original home? Why is it flooding and still expensive? What kind of damage will the invasion of king crabs cause to the ecology? Do you know how terrifying the king crab invasion of the world can be? Every time people eat one, they are saving the world!.

As soon as you hear the name, you know that the king crab is not an ordinary animal. After all, those with "king" and "emperor" in their names are not ordinary people, such as the king cobra, one of the most poisonous snakes in the world; emperor penguins, The largest penguin in existence. This king crab is even more awesome, and it takes up both words in one breath!.

Although it has "crab" in its name, the king crab is genetically not an orthodox crab. It belongs to the genus Pseudomonas, the scientific name of the Kamchatka Pseudo stone crab. It is called a king crab because of its huge size, and its feet When straightened, it can reach 1.8 meters. The most intuitive difference between a king crab and a crab is that, except for the front-end pincers, it has only 6 legs, and it does not walk sideways. The king crab can walk up, down, left and right..

King crabs are also crabs as their name suggests. They can grow to more than ten kilograms. They walk on the seabed in armor. Wherever they go, "no grass grows". Mollusks, crustaceans, echinoderms, and vertebrates can be eaten. Do not refuse. If the food is not enough, eat the same kind, anyway, it is not afraid of prions. According to the observations of zoologists, almost no other species can be found within a radius of 150 meters where king crabs live..

What's more, king crabs are not only edible, but they can also give birth. A couple of king crabs can give birth to tens of thousands of eggs at a time, and the hatching rate is about 20%. That is to say, the unhatched eggs are these small The crab's first meal, compared to those animals that have to find their own food after hatching, the king crab's child is the first step ahead. What is noble! What is an emperor!.

Fortunately, it is naturally fair. Such a fertile king crab can only participate in reproduction for 4 years in a lifetime. Otherwise, it is unimaginable that if their life span of more than 30 years is used to give birth to children, the world may be the home of its king crab!.

At present, the number of king crabs in the world is conservatively estimated to be above tens of millions. Norway is the largest producer of king crabs in the world, but it is not the hometown of king crabs. So where do king crabs come from?.

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